Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Spices Of The Week:

1- I am reading two exciting and newly released books. The Spice Route, A History by John Keay is a well-written page-turner book that follows the steps of early travels and presents a new angle to ancient spice routes both to the East and to the West. I picked up this book merely because of my longtime interest in the history of food and cuisine and also my studies on the Silk Road. The second book is not considered a history book by many but it is a kind of history, history of Dreams; Dream I Tell You by Hélène Cixous. I have been following Cixous' writings for sometime now (here) so I am very excited. Beverley Bie Brahic translated this newly released book.

2- Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits are on view in Philadelphia Museum of Art. The occasion was Frida’s 100th birthday. Although She is not one of my favorite painters, I like some of her works and especially some of her self-portraits; her personality reflects itself boldly in her harsh forms and figures. And I don’t know why, when I see her works I immediately think of her husband, Diego Rivera! I think what Rivera accomplished in his murals and large scale figures, Frida did within her smaller canvases. The exhibition is on until May 18th 2008.

3- A bout a month ago I took a photo – here you only see a detail of it – from a billboard advertisement in the airport.

When I saw the ad, immediately I wanted to do something about it. To me, as a person who always enjoys cool, new and interesting ideas in advertisement and design this ad - that has all the above qualities - was just a dismaying display of intelligent. You may have seen this ad, if not feel free to guess what the whole picture is or what it advertises for or simply wait until tomorrow when I write about it.


Nava said...

Hi Roja,
The background seems very much like a plane's windows, and these horn loudspeakers remind me of summer afternoons in Iran, and the melon sellers! Isn't it some ad for a free ticket back to your childhood?!!
Or else, as these ads tend to say what you least expect,maybe it's about a comfortable airline, or ... global warming?!! (OK, this last one was just really out of nowhere!! :D)
Have a good tuesday.

Behi said...

Does it have any thing to do with noises that kids make in the airplanes or other public places in general? And that they are nothing compared with the real noise pollution that adults make?... I'm done guessing Roja joon and now you feel free to laugh at my comment :D.

Tameshk said...

Nava Jan
You are right: it is inside a plane and it is sort of about comfort, but No global warming.

Dearest Behi
You made an excellent guess; The advertisement has everything to do with noise and kids but unfortunately the ad does not target the main sources of noise pollution.