Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabricated Happiness

A good day with a tiring end, like many other days! There was a time when I underestimated the concept of Happy Ending; but no more. I need happy endings even the fake and fabricated ones!

Not in a good shape art-wise; I've missed some exciting exhibitions. But from an academic angle I am happy with the way my papers are progressing. Two presentations are over; the third one is due next week. Then I have to finish my papers before May 15th. So far this semester was a busy and good one. I am thinking of taking a French course during the summer, but haven't done anything about it yet.

Just came across this video on YouTube; it sort of rhymes with my mood at the moment. For the first time perhaps in many years I am not happy with an ambiguous ending; I want a happy one!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post-it Note

In a post-it format: thins on my mind these days:
  • Iran's coming presidential election.
  • Schoolwork and my three papers: ‘The idea of Round City: Firouzabad & Baghdad’, ‘L├ęger in 1950s and the notion of New Reality’ and ‘Portraits & Mud-bricks: Antoin Sevruguin photography’. Don't know if I make it to the end of May.
  • Mehregan, ah, Mehregan! And another damned summer far away from home, mom, dad and Mehregan.
  • My film life and Tameshk Film Club.
  • A Personal note: me and string !

The circular plan, Firouzabad, (image source)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Short Walk!

The walk was short for a journey across the Atlantic!

Those we passed by,
Those who passed us by,
Blooming fields,
Your agony
And me!

For so long I have wondered what was the name of that scentless flower?
The one I imagined, wrote, erased, re-imagined and rewrote
For so long!

The flower, that was once there,
The one I thought was a sign,
Now a scentless, nameless image!

The walk was short for this journey!