Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jome Bazar

These are photos that I took in Jome Bazar or Kohne Bazar in Tehran yesterday.
Jome Bazar or Friday-Market is a market for selling old, second handed, or home-made goods. One can find anything I mean anything in this market. I will put more photos later.
Being in this market reminded me of Harry Potter’s mystic world. Especially since the Harry Potter’s latest novel has released today, July 16 in US and I am not there to be able to read it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Water Lilies

Monet’s Water Lilies is one the most famous paintings of all times. Not only I like this painting and its preparatory studies but also a week ago we found these real water lilies in a lake near to our place. I took a picture of them. We went to walk on the bank of Whitney Lake. I miss that lake and those moments with my lovely husband terribly.
Now each time, when I look at Monet’s Water Lilies I do feel love more than any other feelings.