Thursday, March 30, 2006


It is 5:12 on Thursday. I have 45 more minuets left. Then I should close the gallery. Today was one of the slowest days we have ever had; there came barley 15 visitors and that is one third the number of visitors in any other day. I think mostly it was because of the good weather. When New York is not gray and windy it is more fun to wonder the streets of New York than wonder on Moholy Nagy’s exhibition in a dark room (less than 8 foot candle light).

Since I was busy with my French exam I didn’t have enough time to update Tameshk this last weeks. But yesterday finally, I took the exam. I don’t know the official result yet, but strangely I am happy by myself. I am not afraid of it any more; mostly because the exam was much easier than what I imagined and I think I did well.

Now here are some updates:

I visited Whitney Biennial exhibition and I am afraid it wasn’t that good. I think the last one, in 2003, was much better but I liked the fact that there were more Video-Art pieces this time. I especially liked the work by Urs Fischer “The Intelligence of Flowers”.

I saw Wim Wenders’ film Don’t Come Knocking (2005) and I didn’t like anything about this one; the story is bad and the structure is worse. I have never been a fan of Wenders but there are some of his movies that I like and this one, with all respect, is not one of them. I think he wanted to make Kill Bill III but he couldn’t convince Uma Thurman to play in it; so he messed up everything the story, the shots and so on.

I also watched Corpse Bride directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. I liked it but The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) directed by Henry Selick and written by Tim Burton and Michael McDowell was much better. So the conclusion is that Burton is better off co-writing the script rather than co-directing it!

This coming Sunday is “Seezde Bedar”: the 13th day of the spring and the Persian tradition is somehow similar to April first. People go outdoors, barbecue, have fun and supposedly get rid of the omen of the 13th day of the year.

Urs Fischer, The Intelligence of Flower

Our Haft Sin 1385 ,2006
Bonaparte Breads, French Pastry Shop, Baltimore MD
Endless Ribbon, Max Bill
Baltimore Museum Of Art, sculpture Garden

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Audio Books are addicting. Last week when I finished the last CD on Sunday night I couldn’t sleep; in 3am I started to search the Internet to find the most recommended ones to get them the next day when the library is open. Monday morning when I loaded my handbag with enough audio books for a week it was hardly 10 am and I was happy and sleepy. On Tuesday I was angry because I didn’t have enough time between my classes to read, sorry, hear my first book. On Wednesday I didn’t expect to have time so it was all right but I was upset anyway since after talking to my Advisor I realized how stupidly I wasn’t doing well on my paper. Thursday it would have been OK if I hadn’t run out of batteries for my CD player. On Friday I studied and worked on my paper some more for a couple of hours and it felt like I am in a dead-end street; so I happily started listening to my audio book for 3 hours nonstop; well not completely nonstop I pour myself a cup of tea once and I answered the phone and of course using the restroom doesn’t count since I could carry my CD player to the bathroom.

My week wasn’t that bad. I saw Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005), a funny movie directed by Stephen Frears, and Outro Lado da Rua (2004) - The Other Side of The Street - a very good Romance Drama directed by Marcos Bernstein. Also my lovely husband vacuum cleaned the house, which by definition is a sign of a good week.

And today: I dropped the laundry basket on the flour next to our bed. The day was shiny, as I looked outside trough the window. I could see the nearest tree to our apartment is blossoming; Small reddish sprouts all over it. Spring! I thought.

Happy New Year and best wishes to all who celebrate NOROOZ!

Topkapi, Istanbul, Summer 2005

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy March 8th.

As long as I remember, in our home, my parents have celebrated March 8th as Women’s Day. Today I welcome the opportunity to send my love, gratitude and appreciation to my aunts. Their care and support kept me going through my never-ending childhood. How could I be without their blossoming voice, whispering fairy tales to my ears.

Happy Women’s Day !

If you are not familiar with the International Women’s Day please pay a visit to here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

From the Ash Wednesday to The Oscar Night

Last Wednesday was that time of year again, Ash Wednesday. I was in New York finding my way trough the crowd under the ground when I saw the first ashed forehead. After I located the first forehead they kept appearing one after the other. I realized that it is the fifth year in a row that I happened to be in New York on Ash Wednesday and ashed foreheads in New York isn’t yet a usual scene for me. Maybe if it was in Iran it wouldn’t be that unusual; since many times people, especially in small towns, mourn and show their sadness by placing mud, ash or dust on their heads. It was 10:20 am when I finally got to 50th street and I came out of subway and on the ground. Oh! It is good to be on top of everything specifically ON THE TOP OF GROUND. I went to MOMA to visit an exhibition: Without Boundary, seventeen ways of looking.

It was a very good exhibition organized by Freshteh Daftari. I liked works by Mona Hatoum and Jananne Al-Ani. I love their brave humor in presenting the world that they grew up in: the Islamic World. I admire their gentle criticism built up on their knowledge, their homeland, their people and their believes. If you happen to be in New York this exhibition is up until May 22, 2006.

There is another exciting exhibition on Art Gallery of The Graduate Center, located in the first floor in GC, Fifth Ave. between 34th and 35th street: Technique Detours: the early Moholy Nagy Reconsidered. It will be up through March and I will be there on Thursdays.

Last night I used my last chance before the Oscar to see Brokback Mountain directed by Ang Lee. I enjoyed it and I think it is a good film; not only because of a controversial subject (Gay Cowboy Story) or beautiful landscape-scenes (which dose play a very important roll on its Oscar nominations) but also it is good because it has been well written, directed and played. The middle and the ending were perfectly placed. I didn’t like the way cowboys start their homosexual relationship; I think it was too sudden as if the director couldn’t wait a little bit longer; but nonetheless I liked the movie.

I hope you enjoy the Oscar results.

Jananne Al-Ani, 2002

Mona Hatoum, Prayer Mat, 1995