Saturday, March 18, 2006


Audio Books are addicting. Last week when I finished the last CD on Sunday night I couldn’t sleep; in 3am I started to search the Internet to find the most recommended ones to get them the next day when the library is open. Monday morning when I loaded my handbag with enough audio books for a week it was hardly 10 am and I was happy and sleepy. On Tuesday I was angry because I didn’t have enough time between my classes to read, sorry, hear my first book. On Wednesday I didn’t expect to have time so it was all right but I was upset anyway since after talking to my Advisor I realized how stupidly I wasn’t doing well on my paper. Thursday it would have been OK if I hadn’t run out of batteries for my CD player. On Friday I studied and worked on my paper some more for a couple of hours and it felt like I am in a dead-end street; so I happily started listening to my audio book for 3 hours nonstop; well not completely nonstop I pour myself a cup of tea once and I answered the phone and of course using the restroom doesn’t count since I could carry my CD player to the bathroom.

My week wasn’t that bad. I saw Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005), a funny movie directed by Stephen Frears, and Outro Lado da Rua (2004) - The Other Side of The Street - a very good Romance Drama directed by Marcos Bernstein. Also my lovely husband vacuum cleaned the house, which by definition is a sign of a good week.

And today: I dropped the laundry basket on the flour next to our bed. The day was shiny, as I looked outside trough the window. I could see the nearest tree to our apartment is blossoming; Small reddish sprouts all over it. Spring! I thought.

Happy New Year and best wishes to all who celebrate NOROOZ!

Topkapi, Istanbul, Summer 2005


K said...

audiobook for "catch 22" is also great!

parastoo said...

My dearest Roja,Happy new year.
miss you so much. when are u gonna direct an artistic film and give me a role to play?

roshan said...

salam azizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.bebakhsh dir oomadam,sale no mobarak.albatte hamoon shab ke sal tahvil shod be amoo ina zang zadim hale to ro porside khoda mikham hamishe dar kenare hossein salamato khoshbakht bashi va hame chizaye khoobe ke doost dary farda mirim anzali jaato hesabi khali mikonam har ja beram be yadet hastam.dooset daram,moraghebe khodeto hosein bash,booooooooooooooooooooos