Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Momentary Pause!

A momentary pause,
The pause before the image attacks you,
The image of your own ruins,
The rush of blood to your veins,
The unimportant veins, that of your little toe,
The toe that its appearance was not noticed and its disappearance won’t make any difference,
No difference to anyone, but you,
And even you will get used to its absence!

A momentary pause,
Before your being recognizes a loss, a vacuum, a void
Before that void takes over the light in your eyes,
Before your eyes shot the image out,
The image of a dead bird,
The bird that got so close to fly all its being into the unknown,
The unknown that takes over your eyes!

There is a momentary pause before the recognition of nothingness,
A momentary pause!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Everyone knew, but the Myosotis!

Everyone knew!
There was no escape; there was no denial,
The night was long and the moon was peculiar,
The light was gone and the garden was frightened,
Everyone knew before it struck,
Everyone knew, but the Myosotis!