Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Capote 2005

Capote directed by Bennett Miller was one of the best films I have seen in the last couple of years. The film is the life story of Truman Capote, the writer (1924-1984), during 6 years of his research for his nonfiction novel In Cold Blood, about the murder of a Kansas family. During his research, Capote develops a close relationship with Perry Smith, one of the killers.

The story is simple. During the film viewer is following Capote’s interest in this murder case . Capote’s interest gets different shapes. He likes the fame and the money that this story will bring for him. Also he finds some personal similarities between himself and Perry (killer). While Capote’s interest grows in the murder case the viewer loses the interest in the case and gets involved in capote’s Personal life. The simple story now becomes an interconnection between the life of Truman Capote and Perry Smith, the writer and the killer, and also the real events around them; Harper lee, the writer of To Kill a Mockingbird, is a close friend of Capote. We are witness that her book is getting published in the film. Their childhood is known form the To Kill a Mockingbird and when the viewer realizes that Truman is the same little boy with round glasses (Dill) in To Kill a Mockingbird, film-story yet gets another turn.

I liked the film and the fact that it is built upon the knowledge of the viewer about history, Literature and culture. And I think you should see it if you are interested in American literature especially in the Beat Generation, Cinema, and wonderful performance from intelligent casts; Philip Seymour Hoffman (Truman Capote), Catherine Keener (Nelle Harper Lee), Clifton Collins Jr. (Perry Smith), Chris Cooper (Alvin Dewey).
Capote is also nominated for Golden Globe 2006.