Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer In Transit

I spent most of my summer in airport transit areas in New York, Istanbul, Tehran and Esfahan. Transit salons are the saddest areas in the world. They are packed with people waiting to get out of there as soon as possible, full of kids getting kicked by grown-ups out of their imaginations and overflow by security to make you feel insecure about the most innocent desire in the universe: I want to see my MOM.

Besides getting together with families and friends in this past two months, I finished shooting a Documentary about the factory workers which is waiting for its editing and I finished knitting a Hat for myself which is waiting for its wintry weather.

Madonna & Child, by Portuguese Artists ?, Ali-Qapu Palace*, Esfahan, Safavid dynasty

Leili & Majnoon, Reza Abbassi, Ali-Qapu Palace, Esfahan, Safavid dynasty

Announciation, Vank Cathedral, Esfahan, Early Safavid dynasty

* Ali-Qapu means The Sublime Gate which is a turkish word.