Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Colloquium Happenings:
1- Two nights before, I wondered why I cannot finish reading four single-spaced pages in 10min. Well, 10min is about four double-spaced pages (duh!)
2- Tried too hard not to push my teeth together,
3- Made the slides.
4- Finished shortening the thing: omitted three paragraphs on Imitation and Primitivism.
5- Had a short phone conversation with a handsome rock climber.
6- Baked Baklava Cake.
7- Rehearsed my presentation couple of times and made some changes. Zeitoon took a nap during the last rehearsal.
8- Went to bed around 5am, got up at 8am.
9- Checked the news headlines on Iran.
9- Went to the department at 10am to meet a friend for another rehearsal. She didn’t show up.
10- Tried to reread an article on imitation and child art. Couldn’t, so I have started typing these.
11- Worried!

After Colloquium To Do List:
1- Call mom, text D., hug Zeitoon.
2- Clean the litter box.
3- Take a leisurely walk around the golf course.
4- Do the laundry.
5- Call friends for pre-Thanksgiving chat.
6- Live!

The Corner, TA study room, Art History Dept., November 2010

PS. My dissertation topic was approved; now I can officially start the process of becoming Dubuffet.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Crowd!

The sweaty sense of grilling!
Fabric in motion!
Fabricated emotion!
The scattered sense of exposure!

My corner is dominated by the crowd!

*Fire in the Evening, Paul Klee, 1929.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nightingales traversing the Middle East

Our fall 2010 concert by the UT Middle Eastern Ensemble “Bereket” under the direction of Sonia Seeman celebrates the interregional intersections across the Middle East with instrumental works, songs and dances. Featuring vocal soloists Daryl Harris, Aynur Hodge, Nastaran Kherad, Julie Slim Nassif, Burcu Tan. Drum solos by Mohamed Elmasry, Nicholas Ragheb and Sean Mecredy. Dance performances by Stacey-Lizette of Sabaya; Happy Rahman, the UT-Austin Lebanese Social Club. Choral performances by the UT Arabic, Hebrew and Persian language classes. Sponsored by the Butler School of Music and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. To read more on this concert check the College of Fines Arts Calendar page, here.

Fall 2010 concert by the UT Middle Eastern Ensemble, “Bereket”
November 4, 2010 7:30 pm
Bates Auditorium
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music
University of Texas, Austin

Free and open to the public