Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Colloquium Happenings:
1- Two nights before, I wondered why I cannot finish reading four single-spaced pages in 10min. Well, 10min is about four double-spaced pages (duh!)
2- Tried too hard not to push my teeth together,
3- Made the slides.
4- Finished shortening the thing: omitted three paragraphs on Imitation and Primitivism.
5- Had a short phone conversation with a handsome rock climber.
6- Baked Baklava Cake.
7- Rehearsed my presentation couple of times and made some changes. Zeitoon took a nap during the last rehearsal.
8- Went to bed around 5am, got up at 8am.
9- Checked the news headlines on Iran.
9- Went to the department at 10am to meet a friend for another rehearsal. She didn’t show up.
10- Tried to reread an article on imitation and child art. Couldn’t, so I have started typing these.
11- Worried!

After Colloquium To Do List:
1- Call mom, text D., hug Zeitoon.
2- Clean the litter box.
3- Take a leisurely walk around the golf course.
4- Do the laundry.
5- Call friends for pre-Thanksgiving chat.
6- Live!

The Corner, TA study room, Art History Dept., November 2010

PS. My dissertation topic was approved; now I can officially start the process of becoming Dubuffet.


Anonymous said...

Good luck my friend! Our thoughts are with you.

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for thinking of me!