Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post-it Note

In a post-it format: thins on my mind these days:
  • Iran's coming presidential election.
  • Schoolwork and my three papers: ‘The idea of Round City: Firouzabad & Baghdad’, ‘Léger in 1950s and the notion of New Reality’ and ‘Portraits & Mud-bricks: Antoin Sevruguin photography’. Don't know if I make it to the end of May.
  • Mehregan, ah, Mehregan! And another damned summer far away from home, mom, dad and Mehregan.
  • My film life and Tameshk Film Club.
  • A Personal note: me and string !

The circular plan, Firouzabad, (image source)


Anonymous said...

Firouzabad.. was my favorite "Sizdeh Bedar," place growing up in Shiraz...It was beautiful with all the ghashghai girls running around in those pretty dresses, I donno about it being circular though. It was just a small town..

Anonymous said...

سلام دوست درسخوان من
خوشحالم که به انتخابات فکر می کنی.فارغ از هر چیزی،مرد روزهای سخت اینروزها اهواز ست.آه نکش! ان شاءالله بزودی دیدارها تازه گردد.آخرین بار کی اینجا بوده ای؟
هرجا که هستی موفق باشی

از مسعود

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous
This is an aerial view of the Ancient Firouzabad, when you are in the site you may not see its roundness. But it is very close to Shiraz. Also your childhood Firouzabad is close to the old one. Perhaps after the Ancient Firouzabad was abandoned the new city was formed close to it.

مسعود said...

سلام دوست کافه نشین من
دیروز توی وبلاگ آقای قدوسی خواندم که اخیراً آمده به آستین و با کمک شما و همسر محترمتان کافه نشین شده است، چه جور!راستش خوشحال شدم،انگار من غربت بوده ام و آشنایی دیده ام.

Tameshk said...

Masoud Jan

It is such a small world :)