Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tameshk Jar

Every time I fry garlic I remember your kitchen
Its tidy dimensions
Its lively smell,
And the jars of Tameshk jam sitting in a row
Waiting for my hungry fingers
To discover once more their sweet and sour taste

Every time I see a morning glory trying its way around a fence
I remember the surreal shape of your garden
The curve of your body
Bowing to every growing thing

Every time it rains I think of you
On those lonely nights
The touch of kismet on your broad forehead
The force of days on your bent shoulders

I've missed your never fading smile
I've missed the faint sound of your prayer beads
Clicking into my surreal deeds

I've missed you
Passing me a spoon to cave deeper into the Tameshk Jar.

* Happy March 8th; Happy Women's Day!
** The White Experience, Austin, January 2008: I took the photo in a rainy morning: White Jonquil flowers.


Faezeh said...

Rojay 'e' Azizam,
Az In Text Kheyli Khosham o0oMad,Zemne Inke Mibo0osamet,Nemidoonam Ejaze Daram o0n0 T0o0ye Yahoo 360'am Begzaram Ya na?! Happy Women Day!

Faezeh Mesrinejad

Tameshk said...

Faezeh Joonam
Happy Women's Day to you too, I am happy that you like it.

فائزه جونم اگر دوست داری میتونی از این قطعهِ استفاده کنی
تا زود زود

Nava said...

Tameshk jan, This was REALLY good. I officially have a big lump in my throat, and keeping my tears from falling down...

Nazy said...

That's lovely Tameshk Jan! So beautiful and so nostalgic. Made me want to cry in a good way (if such a thing is possible!). How very sweet. Thank you.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Nava
I am sorry that it made you sad; I am beginning to hate the sentimentalism of my semi poetic pieces.

Nazy Joonam
I've really missed your comments here. There is no good way for crying, especially for someone who laughs so cheerfully; So no tears are allowed for you. ;D