Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Happy New Year
Happy Norooz
Happy Spring
All Persians, Afghans, Tajiks, Turks, Azerbaijanies and Uzbeks,
And to all who celebrate Norooz and Spring

Haft Sin Table, March 2008

نوروز تان پیروز
هر روزتان نوروز


Nazy said...

Tameshk Joonam:

Eidet Mobarak azize delam. I hope you and Hossein have a fabulous new year. I can't wait to see your beautiful face in the new year. Nowroozetan Pirooz.

دختر گیسو طلا said...

ممنون عزیزم
امیدوارم سالی پر از آرامش داشته باشی

Nava said...

Dear Tameshk jan,
Happy Norooz. Hope you have a great year ahead, healthy, happy and prosperous.

Siavash said...

نگارا بوستان اکنون ندانی از چسان باشد
گشاده آسمان دیدستی اندر شب چنان باشد
از این سو نسترن باشد از آن سو ارغوان باشد
بهشتی در میان باشد بهاری در کران باشد
درختان را همه پوشش پرند و پرنیان باشد
هوای بوستان همچون هوای دوستان باشد
بیا در بوستان چونانکه رستم باستان باشد
تو سروری و گلی و سرو و گل در بوستان باشد
فرخی سیستانی
روجای عزیز،
سال نو را از صمیم قلب مبارک باد میگویم. همیشه سلامت و سرفراز باشید.

Siavash said...

سروی در قافیه آخر به اشتباه سروری تایپ شد.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam
Happy Norooz! I hope you have a great time with your lovely boys. We cannot wait to see you.

Dokhtar-e Gisso Tala
Thanks to you and your enjoyable pieces!

Nava Joonam
I wish you the best Norooz ever! Eid is the hardest time of the year for us to be far from home and our families; so it is all upon friends to make it smoother and happier for one another. Thanks for being there.

Siavash Jan
Thanks for the piece and Happy Norooz. I wish you have a great time with your family.
by the way: دشمن ات شرمنده

احسان said...

Roja jan, Happy Nowruz to you and Hossein-e aziz. Hope to see you guys soon.

bahareh said...

Tameshk jan,
Happy Norouz to you too. Wish you a great year full of joy and happines

Mersedeh said...

Roja Jan,
Eidet Mobarak
I wish you a year of health and prosperity, but most of all, I hope this new year brings you clarity in all the little tiny corners that still need sunlight and an even greater abundance of flowers in the remaining spots already full of sunshine,
See you in April!

Anonymous said...

hooray... you didn't forget the sumac! (nice sofreh btw)

jeerjeerak said...

My dear sweet Roja,

What an artistic Haftseen, it could as well sit in MoMA:) It was so good to see you in New York, you gave a taste of ant to my spaghetti this year by coming to NYC:D
I wish you my sweet friend a new year full of light and joy.

Hugs and kisses,

alireza shirneshan said...

rojaye aziz sale no bar to hossein jan mobarak bad

ا. ش. said...

نوروزی شاد و سالی نیکو با چشمانی بازتر از همیشه برای نگریستن به همه ی زیبایی های درونی و پیرامونی در همه ی زمان ها و فضاهایی که در آن به سر می برید آرزومندم؛ هم برای خودت و هم همسر فاضلت.ء

Maryam said...

Happy New Year Roja joon,
I wish you nothing but joy. Say hi to Hossein and I hop to see you guys soon.

Tameshk said...

Dear All
Thanks for your comments and warm wishes; I wish you the best Norooz ever.