Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Art, New Ideas

This is a shot from the balcony of the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Its mission statement is new art new ideas. I enjoyed the architecture more than its current exhibition, Unmonumental, which displays in four categories objects, collage, sounds and montage-internet.

I agree with Woody Allen on that Black & White is the best when it comes to capturing Manhattan's true spirit.

My Eye On Manhattan, New Museum, Jan.2008


Mersedeh said...

Hello stranger!
It feels like forever...I just read all of your March entries in one sitting and experienced a "literary brain-freeze"; the intellectual equivalent of drinking too much soda, too fast, when you're too thirsty...and basically, that is what happens when I don't stop by here for so long!

I feel like you have such a knack for selecting interesting topics and material to discuss...I can see you teaching. Anyhoo, the last 4 post are my favorites, especially the yada yada and I absolutely LOVE this NY picture. I also agree with you and Woody about NYC best reflected in B&W; timeless.

Thanks for the fabulous posts and for always keeping it interesting!

Anonymous said...

Took me a long time to understand the title of the photo. Loved it anyways!

bayramali said...

Tamshk jan, I like this photo , and the Eye shape shdow especially in black and white
good job :D

Tameshk said...

Mersedeh Joonam
You are flattering me! I was busy with stupid stuff, but I hope to have a long chat with you soon, before the New Year's.

Dear Anonymous
I am glad you liked the photo; I hope your discovery don't make you change your mind.

My Dearest Bayram
Thanks! to be honest it was more the amazing view of that balcony rather than my photography.