Friday, March 14, 2008

Maryam Khanoom!

Her silver shiny hair, her slim body and her proud smile; She had piercing eyes and a firm voice. She was borne a Qajar princess; she revolted against all her monarchal genes and became the Maryam Khanoom that I know.

Maryam Firouz passed away two days ago at her house in the north bound of Hafte Tir Square. Her loving body was urgently buried in a family cemetery. No ceremony was allowed. She was 95.


jeerjeerak said...

I read her autobiography some years ago in Iran... She was an exceptional woman.

bayramali said...

you know tameshk jan , this lady had very complicated character .she came from aritocratcy . her father (abdol hossin khan) was one of the most powerful and richest people in Iran and her family were one of HEZAR FAMIL . but Maryam Firouz left them and married with Communist party 's head leader and stay on her belief all the life . this is very admirable.

Tameshk said...

My Dearests Jeerjeerak & Bayram

Thanks for your comments;She was an extraordinary women indeed. All her life, Maryam Khanoom lived for what she believed. A woman miles ahead of her time. I truly miss her.