Monday, March 31, 2008

Fading Memory

When I see an enchanting piece of art I think of you: For truly what is art if it is not to remind me of you, of pain and remedy, both, I find in your eyes.

Each time I look at golden periods of art, following one another on the history charts – I like these charts, they make it easier to see ups and downs of our performances in this world – I think of you, your splendid mind and your fiery eyes.

I study these pages of often-tiresome history books only to find you and to keep you in my ever-fading memory. It is you I am searching for.

Color of the Earth, March 2008


Behi said...

So beautiful,so sad...

Anonymous said...

ghashang bood. nice sentiment, but a sad picture. was it someone you lost? (does not matter.) every day, it seems, we lose it to yester-day. tomorrow too we'll lose to yesterday. but see, you've "built a place for the falcons of your soul" -- in this blog, in your friends, in your accomplishments and goals. so it's not a total loss is it. true sometimes we prefer to have the lost thing itself, rather than its memory. there is just no denying that, and nothing we can do to bring it back... only to not let it fade all the way. like the taste of sumac after biting into a nice, juicy loghme kabob with lots of sabzi... then overdosing on doogh!! yum. :)

Anonymous said...

Roja jan,
What's your email? I wanted to put you on movie and meetings list.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Behi,
Thanks; It is not as sad as it looks!

Dear Anonymous
Thanks for your flavorful comment! Although it is a bit hard to see Tameshk and "Falcons of my Soul" together, I am with you on overdosing with Doogh ;D

Enchanted Soul Joon
I have sent you an email.

مسعود said...

زیباست ولی اگر به فارسی بود عمیق تر درک می کردم

Tameshk said...

Dearest Masoud
Thanks for your comment! I might be able to give you a Farsi piece but it doesn't come even close to your pieces.