Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Personal Game

A Personal Game: playing against horizon with Serra's piece,
R.N., San Francisco, 2007

Ballast, Richard Serra, 2004,
USCF San Francisco
Just to show you how Ballast looks under undisturbed light,
I took this photo in early Autumn, in the afternoon, 2007

*Just felt like playing. At first I thought the colors are soothing; not any more, They are pushing me to the edge.


Nava said...

The second one actually looks like the last look of a drowning person from under the water, hopelessly to the world outside...maybe from "Titanic" passengers' point of view!

Tameshk said...

Nava Jan
To me, in both of them, it is like the sky is falling down.

آدم گلابی said...

isnt it amazing how different colors create different feelings and how we see the same thing differently in different lights?

Tameshk said...

Adam Goulabi Joonam
I agree. Color is so effective that even a colorless object becomes interesting.