Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring In Princeton

I missed my train at the train station in Princeton Junction. In the 20 minutes I had to wait for the next train I inhaled these early blossoms of spring; one of many times that I was happier for having my camera with me. Do you carry yours? Read: 5 Reasons to Take Your Camera Everywhere

Tiny White & Pink Blossoms, April 2008


مسعود said...

سلام تمشک هنرپرور
اگر آن تاخیر نبود،خبری هم از طبیعت نبود؟ای کاش میشد همیشه در طبیعت باشیم و یا باطبیعت باشیم ولو بقدر باغچه ای کوچک یا حتی یک گلدان گل.مثل فرهاد و گل بنفشه

jeerjeerak said...

oh these are gorgeoussssssssssss. Here the trees are just beginning to blossom; it's unseasonable cold here.

(i do carry my camera with me, it's mom's weekend here on campus and i paid a visit to the greenhouse run by the univrsity, they had a plant sale. i got a small pot of basil and something called lemon thyme which was really aromatic. hope they survive my non-green fingers!)

Bahareh said...

Roja jan,
I've been living in U.S. for the last four years and I've always wondered how come there are so many tress with blossoms and, despite what we had in Iran, none of them bear any fruit in the summer. I was told couple of days ago these beautiful tress are Genetically Modified to have blossoms but not fruit to make it easier for city dwellers to keep their streets, sidewalks, and back yards clean.
Since this realization I perceive these blossoms with a mixed feeling of confusion and admiration.

Tameshk said...

Masoud Jan
I agree;D

Jeerjeerak joonam
I hope you get to the warmer weather soon.I am sure your Basil and Lemon Thyme will live their full life: Just a reminder that they don't live long in general.

Bahareh Jan
Thanks for your comment! It seems the same thing happens here in Princeton. Although I am sure that one of these trees is the willow tree and it doesn't have any eatable fruit.