Thursday, April 17, 2008

Golden Feathers of Simurgh!

I need your golden feathers
I need you to be here
To take me with you there

Just this once
Be real
So I can call upon you
Without fear

For the time has finally come
Here, now,
I need your golden feathers
To warm my Siberian night
To rain on my deserted sight

I need your golden feathers
To sing
The song of daylight
My sleepless night

Just this once,
So I don’t take fright
In seeing the light;

I need your golden feathers

Golden Feathers, Sanibel Island, April 2008


ا. ش. said...

I need your glowing feathers
to fly with a new insight
throughout the whole meaning of life
woven in the entire being and existance
of me of you and of us.

آدم گلابی said...

i especially liked this part:
Just this once
Be real
So I can call upon you
Without fear
i also liked the pictures in your last post, at the time i was looking at them it was snowy here and they made me so jealous! well Spring is here finally although the forecast is saying that there will be snow and cold weather next week again!
be good Tameshk e nazanin and enjoy the good weather!

مسعود said...

سلام تمشک هنرمند
سیمرغ مظهر قدرت و حمایت است.با بال او میتوان پرواز کرد و در گرمای آن میتوان آرمید اما،آواز روشنایی خواندن با آن در شب بیخوابی خیلی بدیع است
دیگر آنکه این عکس زیبا را چگونه گرفته ای؟آن روشنی درخشنده در وسط تیرگی بالا و پایین ،همان آواز روشنی در شب نیست؟

Nava said...

This was beautiful, very beautiful!

bayramali said...

awesome Tameshk jan , good job
I love it

Tameshk said...

Dearest A. Sh.
Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments; I will do my best!

Adam Golabi Joonam
Thanks, and I hope spring gets there soon.

Dearest Masoud
Actually You are right, but I wished for My Simurgh to have all these abilities. About the photo it is sunset, I used some filters. I can sent you the original one which is not as warm and as golden as this one is.

Nava Joonam
Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

Bayram Joonam
You are flattering me ;D