Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Morning Sparrow!

Today the sparrow that I have known for almost a year
Wasn’t there, on that bent tree facing the lake.

I remember the day I noticed it
Sitting on the thin branch of the most arid tree
Singing its morning song,

It was last spring,
That I saw the sparrow first,
A sparrow that became regular to my mornings
Like me, being ordinary to life!

After a couple of months I decided that my sparrow is a lady
No reason at all,
Just a feeling!
She was chubbier than the others
And the brown of her head had a touch of red
Only on early hours of the day, I could spot her
Moving on a thin branch of her tree
Lecturing her daybreak song to my ears

A sparrow; the most trivial being to any landscape
Became the start of my days.

But today,
I missed my morning sparrow,
The sparrow that danced to zephyr of my mornings
Wasn’t there, on her tree.

I checked back and forth, for a couple of hours
Just to catch a glimpse of her,

The most trivial being of my landscape, was missing today,
My day did not start today!

Maybe tomorrow, my day will start again!

A Sparrow That Lived In Words, April 2008

* Happy May Day!
* Happy International Workers Day!
* And To My Parents: Happy Anniversary!


jeerjeerak said...

beautiful:) i really enjoyed reading it my sweet poetic friend.

and here's a sparrow song for ypu:

Behi said...

Roja'ie aziz, your "personal verses" always touch my heart.Thanks for bringing them in here.

آدم گلابی said...

you verbalize your feelings and daily routine so beautifully that i feel i am looking at the sparrow or i am the one who missed the sparrow today...

مسعود said...

سلام تمشک پر احساس
من اگر دستم می رسید مثل آن نقاش یک گنجشک روی همان شاخه می کشیدم،تا روز تو آغاز شود.خیلی عالی بود

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam
Thanks for the song!

Dearest Behi
I am glad you like them!

Adam Golabi Joonam
Thanks; it means a lot to hear this from someone whose extraordinary gift in writing always touched me!

Dearest Masoud
Thanks for your flattering comment!

Mersedeh said...

Forgive me for being late, but everyone who knows me well knows that that is what I do best.

I did not realize that this is an original poem from you, so, I should confess that there is definitely a haunting/lingering/undefined element to this poem that I can't quite put my finger on. I have read it and re-read it and re-re-read it and enjoyed it each time for a different reason and I think that is sign of good poetry, which you seem to understand.

Tameshk said...

Mersedeh Joonam

Among the two of us you are never late ;D I can always hear your thoughts first hand when we chat, and that is so precious to me.Nonetheless I am so glad you like this one. [And yes that is my own piece: I always give references if I use anything not written by me.]