Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Daily Haiku

Anonymous: Green must be your favorite color,
Me: No, why?
Anonymous: !

The Green Haiku, February 2008


Leva said...

Why did that anonymous ask that? Im wonder!!! adam bikar ziad pida mishe. khodesho naraht and green? no way!

Roya said...

:)) Roja you should include the rug and the sofa in the picture too ;)

jeerjeerak said...

is that a dress, or vest and skirt? just curious!

the post made me remeber my highschool friend Farnoosh who had an obsession with color green. also my blogger friend Gelareh who just moved to Cali. too many green lovers out there. you included by the sake of the photo;))) St.Patric's day is also at the corner, so it's okay to be green!

i wanted to also tell you that don't post your banana bread recipe now! our new year party is in a week and i have to get back in shape:))))

hugs and kisses, Roja janam!

دختر گیسو طلا said...


Tameshk said...

Dearest Leva
The poor anonymous did not even see me at home where I am surrounded by greens

Roya joonam
LOL, I know! I tried to cover the rug but since I was both the subject and the camerawoman it did not work very well!

Jeerjeerak Joonam,

That is a Jumper Dress - Pinafore سارافون in Farsi- I love them, very comfortable.

If you believe me - I know it is hard based on the evidence - Green is really not my favorite color; But as you see it is the color I live in and I live with. Somehow it is a color that doesn't bother me!

Sorry for the delay. But sure I will post the Banana Loaf recipe in a week then. I will put my Mixed Berry Bowl for now I think it is more inline with the party spirit ;D

Gisso Tala Jan

You see!

Bahareh said...

The anonymous person could have been me. I have obsession with Green, not only the color but what it meant; To be environmentally friendly and have a conscious relation with the nature world. :o)
I love this color.

Tameshk said...

Dear Bahareh
I agree that Green is not a provocative color and perhaps that is the unconscious reason behind my choices of that color for most of the furniture around me.