Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Oscars

Before getting to my wish list for the 80th Annual Academy Awards I have two great regrets and that is I haven’t seen The Savages directed by Tamara Jenkins and Katyn by Andrzej Wajda yet. These are the two good movies I have failed to see so far. And I don’t want even to start to talk about my disappointments with Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street; I believe it was by far the worst film that I’ve seen this year no wait, I forgot to count The Brave One, but the latter did not get nominated for Oscars. Here is the link to the nominees for the 80th Oscars.

But here is my wish list for Oscars 2008:

For the best actor in a leading role I wish for Daniel Day Lewis to win. I think this year the hardest choice should be made in this category. For the best actor in the supporting role I put all my hopes on Javier Bardem, He is amazing.

I hope the award for the best actress in a leading role goes to Ellen Page, I haven’t seen The Savages yet though. And in the supporting role I loved Amy Rayan’s performance.

In Animated Feature category, Persepolis is my choice. Taxi To The Dark Side is my choice for the best documentary.

For cinematography I vote for Roger Deakins - No Country for Old Men.
For the best Directing, I very much liked There Will Be Blood directed by Paul Thomas Anderson; I think the Coen brothers did a good job in directing and I like their movie as a whole better but I think I will go with There Will Be Blood for the best director.

For best picture I will vote for No Country for Old Men. For the adapted screenplay, by sure I will go with There Will Be Blood. It was definitely very difficult to turn this story to a movie but Anderson did it beautifully.

For the best original screenplay, again I failed to see Savages so I will go with Juno; Michael Clayton’s screenplay was not that special to me.

Enjoy The Oscars Night!


jeerjeerak said...

Well quite some of your choices got the Oscar. Too bad Persepolis didn't win. I couldn't even get a glance of Marjan Satrapi in the Kodak Theater.

jsa said...

It's too bad that Ratatouille was not nominated for Best Picture- it certainly deserved it, and then it would have opened up the Animated feature category for Persepolis.

Bahareh said...

You made good guesses!

دختر گیسو طلا said...

tanks alot

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam,

That was a pity Persepolis didn't win, but I think independent films and animations don't usually get far with Oscars.

Dear JSA
I see you enjoyed Ratatouille ;D
But then Ratatouille wouldn't have any chance for the best picture award; the nominees were tough in that category.
Perhaps if Persepolis was presented for the best foreign picture, it would have a better chance!

Bahareh Jan
I wish I had bet on my guesses that night; after I posted my wish list we went for a Oscar Party and as usual we filled these poll-sheets, like a game, But I did not stick to my wish list, so I lost by 3 wrong answers!

Dearest Dokhtareh Gisso Tala

Thanks for your visit and your comment!I really really enjoy your blog!

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