Friday, February 15, 2008

Small, Tiny and Foolish !

She looked

She is fascinated by its reflection!

She likes to hide behind it

Small, tiny and foolish
A detail!
A tiny, small, foolish detail
Something that can be seen, but it doesn’t hold,
It is there and not,
A detail
An insignificant, small, detail!

She looked and hid,
She didn’t fit
It was small,

It was there and no one has asked for it
It was part of a bigger picture that was hung on the wall
It was a small part, a detail
Tiny, small and foolish

Like the curve of that blue
In her lonely hours

My mind,
My unwell mind collects them; these details,

These small, tiny foolish details
Very small to the wall that they are hung on
Small enough to slip through the eyes
They don't hold
But, I collect them
And a new picture is born
A small insignificant new picture

Small, but big enough for her to hide

She looked and hid
It covered her perfectly,
That insignificant foolish detail was perfect.


jeerjeerak said...

beautiful, roja jan, just beautiful.

Behi said...

Excellent! I enjoyed it a lot. I can see your shiny future Roja joone aziz :).

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Jooanam, Behi Joonam

Thanks for your cheering comments!