Monday, October 27, 2008

In Denver

This is the last day of my short trip to Denver, Colorado, the Mile-High City. The weather is crispy cold and the sky is broad. I figured, I always assess the sky of different cities I visit. It gives me a feeling about the city. And I disagree with the famous Iranian phrase that says, the sky is the same everywhere you go! No it is not: Boston has an open sky, New York doesn't have any at all, and Denver has a broad one.

Although my trip was work related, I really needed it. I guess I needed another blue window. Soon I will write about the African gallery in Denver Art Museum, which was the goal of my visit. For now I just wanted to share my Autumn photo with you. Needless to say it is my favorite season, the most expressive one and I also have some narcissistic reasons to love it above the other three.

Autumn Leaves, Denver, October 2008

PS. More about Esha Momeni on BBC Persian.


Daisy said...

I always expect to see a beautiful photo in this blog specially when it is fall season. Because you have a good eye for colours, you capture the fall season very well.
This is another beautiful photo!

Nava said...

Hey! It just crossed my mind, if one of those "narcissistic" reasons is your birthday some time in autumn, then happy birth-month!

Siavash said...

You should also try the vast sky of West Texas, one of the few lovely things of here that I enjoy!:)

مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرمند من
این همه رنگ آدم را به یاد رنگین کمان می اندازد.در وبلاگ MAKTUOB مطلبی در همین مورد خواندم که از باورهای مردم گویان حکایت میکرد.خواندنیست.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Daisy
You are flattering me; I will try to keep up with your expectation.

Nava Jan
Thanks a lot. Your are right I was born in Autumn, but not in October.

Siavash Jan
I will keep your invitation in mind. But really you should come here first :D

Masoud Jan
Thanks for the info on Maktoub.