Monday, October 06, 2008

Arts Roundup

I have to renew my CAA membership: I keep forgetting it: I shouldn’t postpone it any more!

Also I became a member of Austin Film Society, which reminds me of my undergrad years and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art’s Cinematheque. The AFS film screenings and programs are very organized and rich. Since I am relatively new, so far I could only catch up with The Third Wave: Contemporary German Cinema part of the Essential Cinema screenings. The Farewell (Abschied - Brechts Letzter Sommer, 2000) directed by Jan Schütte was my favorite of the series so far. Use the link to find the info on the films.

And finally Reimagining Space: The Park Place Gallery Group in 1960s New York is an exciting exhibition in the Blanton Museum of Art. The exhibition focuses on the Park Place Gallery, and the works of 10 artists who started this gallery in 1960s. The exhibition displays works of the five painters and the five sculptors of The Park Place Gallery from 1963 to 1967. The space that is created by the works of these artists is amazing; the title Re-Imagining Space really suits this exhibition. New York's art world in the 60s was under undeniable influence by the the Park Place Gallery and the art that was created by its artists: This must-see exhibition will be on view up to January 18th 2009.

Untitled, Tamara Melcher, 1965
Collection of Forrest Myers, Brooklyn, NY

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