Friday, October 10, 2008

Ardeshir Mohassess Passed Away!

When the words dry up in the mouth,
And the lines don't have anywhere to go;
The memory starts
And there,
Art remains!

Ardeshir Mohassess passed away on October 9th 2008 in New York; I cannot believe it! The news is still not on any news websites: I have heard it from Khorshid on Twitter; she provided me this link . I also found the news in one sentence on by Saman. I am still not sure if it is true! It is just too shocking. My article about his last solo exhibition at Asia Society Museum in NYC was published in Peyk number 116; I am shocked! He was very sick, but I cannot believe this.

The royal court’s greatest painter accomplishing the most important assignment among his artistic activities
1977, Ink on Paper, (45.7 x 60 cm),
Library of Congress, Prints and Photography Division
by Ardeshir Mohassess


Anonymous said...

It's really sad to hear that :( Still can't believe it.

آدم گلابی said...

due to my very busy schedule i dont get to follow the news of Iran very often, it was through your post that i found out about his death.
i would think he accomplished what he was here for and touched many lives by his art

Tameshk said...

Dear Anonymous
A sad news indeed! I had a very bad week because of it!

Adam Golabi Joonam
Thanks! I hope to give you more exciting news rather than these kind of news!