Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For Esha; Free Esha!

or this post, I wanted to write about some new Art History lectures and some exciting exhibitions; but I was called by my Iranian destiny to report on something more important than Art, and that is Life.

Esha Momeni, was arrested 8 days ago on October 15th in Tehran; after her arrest she was transferred to the Section 209, Evin Prison. Her charges are not known.
Esha, a women’s rights advocate and a volunteer for the One Million Signatures Campaign, is a graduate student in Arts and Communication Department of CSUN. She was in Iran to visit her family and to complete her field research for her Master’s degree. This post is for Esha: These are the memories of the first time we met; the memories I am anxiously looking forward to building-up on when I see her again.

We only shared a couple of glances in the morning and during the talk. At noon, for lunch break, Leva introduced me to her: She was Esha and I was Roja.

Her curly hair was tucked back from her broad forehead and formed a mass of fiery orange on her back. We walked to the nearest exit and found our way to a small lunch place in Bancroft Street.

She asked me if I studied Art back home, and the answer was yes: She studied Art as well and here she was a Communication and Arts student. I admired her camera; she looked tired. I got a salad and tea, she got a large blend of carrot and orange juice and while we talked she kept offering me to have a sip of her fruit juice and I refused! I only wished I hadn’t refused her offer. I am so devastated to think maybe if I had accepted to have a sip, somehow Esha would have been free; now I think, perhaps out of desperation, that if I had a different talk with her that day Esha was far away from the section 209 and Evin Prison. I am rebuilding our first three days, only wishing she comes back soon.

That night I was tired and I returned to the hotel early. I saw her the second day and I was too busy with my translations and she was busy with other things we didn’t talk much.

The last night of the conference, after the banquet when we shared a ride I just started to know her. It was short, her voiced was broken; earlier that night she had asked me who I have in Khavaran; I hadn’t answered; I gave a vague and cold answer. I did not know her to tell her: You see, it is not like you can walk around and say it out loud. I never talked about it, even with my closest friends; it is something they never ask and I usually don’t feel like telling. His name comes up, and his jokes and his green eyes and his pictures are everywhere in my room. But I never talk about it with strangers. Stranger, Esha wasn’t!

That night in the car she let me know with a broken voice, that she is not a stranger; she too lost someone in those dreadful years.

For Esha, San Francisco, October 2007

Free Esha Momeni!

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Anonymous said...

تمشک عزيزم منم دلم آشوب اين روزها. فقط می تونيم اميدوار باشيم و اخبار مربوط به وضعيت عشا را پخش کنيم عزيزم...


مسعود said...

سلام دوست من
بد زمانه ایست،نه بخاطر آنچه اتفاق می افتد بل بخاطر واژگونی مفاهیم در اذهان مدعیان.امنیت ملی بازیچه شده است:یکی با سخنش کشور را به ورطه تحریم می کشاند-که خدا می داندچه مصیبتهایی از این بابت مردم تحمل کرده اند- و کشور را به آستانه جنگ می رساند و این یعنی اقدام علیه امنیت ملی و کسی با او کار ندارد اما این طفلک بخاطر یک کار تحقیقی و اجتماعی بازداشت میشود و لابد به جرم اقدام علیه امنیت ملی.
شاه ترکان سخن مدعیان می شنود
شرمی از مظلمه خون سیاووشش باد

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Anonymous said...

roja jan can you send us your email address? (to esha's blog's email address) we can use some help with translations. thank you

Tameshk said...

Nazkhatoun, Massoud , Gissou Tela Jan
Thanks for your sympathetic notes; I am happy to see, we all wish for Esha to be free soon.

Amir said...

پدر عشا مومنی: «اقدامات دخترم غیرقانونی بود»

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