Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blue Window !

Every girl must have a Blue Window. Blue window is more important than Shoes; it is warmer than Hot Buttered Rum; it is a necessity that won’t fit in your closet, and it is more essential than a little black dress for a girl. A blue window is an escape place. It is a place where one take refuge after a long run; If you don't get any comfort from your own comfy corner you need to find your blue window to escape to from time to time.

Who knows how many things I have forgotten in that past few days. The forgetfulness was an addition to things I had to do. Too many emails unanswered, too many calls waiting for a call back, too many things to do. So I decided to escape from all these to my blue window. Indeed when it is time for the blue window, the snowstorm does not play any role. So I left Princeton and took refuge in my old neighborhood, New Haven. I spent a few lovely days with my old buddies, got some job done and now, I am ready.

Blue Window (Reflection II), Dec.2007


Nazy said...

And a beautiful window it is. So, that's where you have been. Missing you girl, more than you know.

jeerjeerak said...

Oh, i so so much could use a blue window. I loved your post.

Ima of Little and Big E said...

So so happy to be a blue window for you. Come back anytime!

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

I hope to see you soon!

Dearest Jeerjeerak

I hope you find a really calming Blue Window.

Dearest Ima of E & e

You guys have always been my blue window. Thanks for having me and cannot wait to see you here.