Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow in 08540

It started snowing early this morning. So I changed my plans from visiting Fazal Sheikh’s photo exhibition to a mug of hot chocolate and reading BBC news on Bibi-Huryeh. Luckily, Khavar Sultan was parked in the garage; shoveling Kharvar would be the last thing on my list today!

I will catch up this enchanting photo exhibition on Tuesday. Beloved Daughters: Photgraphs by Fazal Sheikh has combined two of Sheikh's projects: one focuses the dispossessed widows in northern India (reminds me of Water directed by Deepa Mehta!)and the other confronts the lives of young girls in a traditional society that its merits are changing by modernity. Since early October I wanted to see this exhibition; Sheik’s black & white photograph presented on the exhibition banner was so striking that I still cannot take the image out of my head. The exhibition will be up until January 6th 2008.

Snow in 08540, Princeton, December 2007


Anonymous said...

wowww, it should be very cold!!! I haven't seen snow for 3 years :(

Leva said...

Just take a look what did i found today for my sundays picture. I have to travel at least two hours to take a picture of a leaf and snow.
Today was cold and windy, i wished rain early today, but nothing had happened.
I am glad you back home safe. I wish we could share that hot coco together.
Stay warm and safe girl.

Mehran said...

Tameshk jan I really miss you already, I wish u were around and hanging out with you and hossein was easier.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Byram

Thanks for your comment especially its nostalgic non-smiley face.

You are welcome to come here anytime during winter as well as all other seasons.

Leva Joonam

your Leaf and color photo was a very fiery one, indeed. I cannot wait to host you guys here and then we can have some hot coco.

Dearest Mehran

I've missed you guys terribly ! I hope to see you soon either on this coast or the other.