Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Yalda !

Writing a quick Happy Yalda wish has just turned to a hardest thing on earth. Eyal’s Salmon Casserole is baking itself in the oven, 4 dirty pots should wait for me to be back from the party and I am late for the party. And I keep forgetting what I want to say.

Let’s go by the list:

1- I want to introduce the new member of my electronic family: my new Juke cell phone. Her name is Artemisia Gentileschi; and she is as artistic as a cell phone can be. She also has a very sharp edge, which lives up to the name I gave her. Artemisia was an Italian painter in early Baroque period. This is her picture.

2- I forgot the number 2: no really I did.

3- What do you know about Zoor Khaneh in general: Zoor-Khaneh is a gymnasium for traditional Iranian martial arts (Varzesh-e Pahlevani). And do you know any books about it or its history or any article, Anything! (Please let me know.)

4- Happy Yalda and enjoy your holidays !

An Autumn Leaf, November 2007


jeerjeerak said...

Happy yalda to you too roja joonam.
pleased to meet artemisa too:)

Anonymous said...

Dear tameshk
we missed you last night, wish you were here
I met your cell's bro. but I don't know his name.
have fun :)

Siavash said...
کتابخانه دیجیتال زورخانه
though I guess you've seen it.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Jeerjeerak

Artemisia cannot wait to meet you ;) Please come to NY soon!

Dearest Byram

I've missed you guys too! I wish you all a happy holidays!

Dear Siavash
Thanks a lot. I did not know about this digital library;It looks very rich and useful. Thanks again.