Thursday, July 31, 2008

Iranian Women's Studies Foundation: A Bridge

Long Report;
A Critical Report of The 19th international
IWSF conference:

Following my Short Report, I wrote a critical review of the 19th IWSF conference, which is now published on It is called Something Missing: a Critical Report of the 19th annual IWSF Conference. In this report I have viewed Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation (IWSF) as a bridge, a bridge between the academic Iranian women’s studies and the Iranian women’s right activists; I have tried to analyse the efforts contribted by both sides on the issues concerning Iranian women.

The 19th IWSF Conference, Berkeley, CA, July 2008

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. I also would like to thank Nazy Kaviani for her intuitive editing.


Behi said...

Dear Roja, I read your critical report. First of all I have to say I very much like the style of your writing and I agree with you on what you brought in this article.
I do think when there is a special concern to talk about which in this case it's"Iranian women", it wouldn't be so promising for any quick or gradual changes to happen unless those women themselves want those changes. The issues of typical Iranian women are so practical and general to be discussed on the table without letting them know as a huge part of them and it's not going anywhere without them being involved and this cannot happen without breaking the walls between intellectuals and the ordinary women who don't know what they don't know and also what they want. There should be a language and a way that both sides could talk with and communicate which I don't think that way and that common language could be easy to find and to practice as the intellectuals seem to have difficulty to communicate even with themselves in a peaceful and produtive way!... Sorry, I talked A LOT.

دختر گیسو طلا said...

جالب بود برام...

Enchanted Soul said...

Dear Roja,
Thanks a lot for your comment. Hope to see you very soon!

Tameshk said...

Dear Behi,
Thanks for reading my long and boring piece. And thanks for taking the time to write your points here: The more we can engage people (women and men) the better women's right process will go forward.

Dearest Dokhtare Gisso Tella
Thanks :D

Dear Enchanted Soul
Cannot wait to see you all.

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