Friday, July 25, 2008

July Updates

My review of Ardeshir Mohassess’s exhibition was published on the English section of Peyk Newsletter, number 116. (For the pdf version check Peyk on Persian Cultural Center (PCC). Click on the English Section - No.116, July & August 2008)

And if you are around New York City please visit Ardeshir Mohassess: Art & Satire in Iran on Asia Society Museum. The exhibition is on view through July. Asia Society Museum has free admission on Fridays from 6-9 pm but unfortunately their free Friday afternoons are not active from July 4 to Labor Day.

Tameshk Film Club:
Hopefully you have seen Tameshk's June - July films; we will talk about them next week. Please send in your film suggestions for August - September. Also I am thinking about some possible online places for the film discussions: any suggestions? If you like to have live film discussions we can use Skype. Let me know.

Asia Society Museum, New York Headquarters, June 2008


نون جیم said...

For me, it is more convenient if the book club is on facebook, so I can have the both clubs in the same place :)
By the way, these are my suggestions for August: The Last of the Mohicans, Cache, Machuca and Dead man walking. I don't know which category they fit into, and I didn't know how many movies I was supposed to suggest and how you choose between them, but these were the movies I had wanted to watch for a long time and never had :)

Daisy said...

I like the idea of Tameshk Film Club on Facebook. It will be very convenient at least for me. Alternatively, we can dedicate a wiki to film discussions.
I'm not too sure about live discussion since people might have different schedules and time zones. Also, if someone participates in the discussion from Iran, Skype may not be ideal for them.

My suggestions for next film club are Mamma Mia, Roman Holiday, and Mongol (2007) . These are the three movies that I really enjoyed watching. I have seen Roman Holiday long time ago though.

Tameshk said...

N.J. Joonam, Daisy Joonam
Thanks for your very exciting suggestions: we will have a very interesting August :D

As for the place for discussions, it seems Facebook is our best choice, although it is also filtered in Iran.

I think Daisy is right about the timing with the live discussions: So lets put it up there on Facebook. I probably contact N.J. for help :D