Friday, July 18, 2008

A mathematician, even in his dreams!

Not for the quick kisses before we pass out in the daybreak,
Not for the short emails you used to send me or the letters I used to hide in you backpack,
Not for the wet eyes of yours when you see me crying,

Not for those,
If only for the fact that last night,
on one of your usual sleep-talkings you said out load:
486 times 312 is 151632, which reminded me you are still here,
close to me!

A Mathematician in the Futurist Gallery, MOMA, May 2008

*No, he really said that.
*Yes, he is a mathematician.
*Happy Birthday!

P.S. Khosrow Shakibai, the Iranian actor, passed away: BBC Persian


jeerjeerak said...

My Birthday wishes for the dear mathematician:)

I miss you both, come for a visit here in your way to tx.

Leila said...

It was lovely Roja! Miss both you guys a lot!

احسان said...

Happy birth day to Hossein jan, the true mathematician.

Mehran said...

Happy Birthday agha mathematician!

bayramali said...

My God , I cann't stop laughing
Mr mathematician the great, Happy happy birthday :)
say my best o him

مسعود said...

مبارک باشد بر هردویتان.اگر به این ضرب المثل محلی باور نداشتم که:" خدا جفته کنه،پرته کنه" می گفتم لابد در بیداری آنقدر نق به ساحت ریاضی اش زده ای که در خواب چاره ای جز اثبات خود نداشته است
برقرار باشید

Golabi said...

oh my god! it was hilarious! i have an engineer so i relate to your story!
happy Bday to Mr. Mathematician

Behi said...

Best wishes for the both of you :)

Nava said...

Happy BDay to your mathematician and wish you both the best :)

Nazy said...

And so, I'm late, but I would also like to wish my most favorite mathematician in the world (believe it or not, I know several! I work for Berkeley, you know!) a Happy Birthday.

What is a good birthday wish for somebody I adore?....hmmm....I hope you are happy, Hossein. I hope you are really really happy and joyful and full of laughter and dance and love this year and forever. I hope you enjoy your beautiful life with that beautiful Tameshk to the fullest. Here's a little present for you, the Tameshk Lover! Happy Birthday!

Tameshk said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam
Thanks :D

Leila Joonam
I am glad you liked it; we hope to see you soon, we are kind of in the middle of the way :D

Dear Ehsan
Thanks, He is a funny mathematician as well.

Merhan Joon

Bayramali Jan
LOL, you and I can both laugh at the fact that one of his BD gifts were a GPS ;D

Dearest Masoud
Unfortunately your guess is true: I do that to him sometimes, I should be glad I am not in his dreams, I would turn it to nightmare for him :(

Golabi Joonam
Thanks, do you hear the math dreams as well?

Behi Joonam
Thanks, I am glad you are settled in your new place.

Nava jan
Thanks a lot.

Nazy Joonam
Thanks for your kind wishes: and many more thanks for the photo link: the photo reminded me of Jean-François Millet's paintings.

Anonymous said...

bonjour Roja,

Beaucoup de mistère dans tes vers, pour moi qui ne parle toujours pas anglais!
Peux-tu me donner ton adresse e-mail? J'aimerai se donner des nouvelles!

Bonne anniversaire, en retard, pour Hossein!!!!

Gros bisous,


Anonymous said...

C'est joujours Lia, au fait mon adressee-mail est:

Anonymous said...

I bet that Hossein has been calculating the number of children you're gonna have together. How else would you make sense of the multiplication? I am glad he, unlike most of the mathematician, has the talent of doing calculations, even if it is during the sleep and not in the daylight.

The fact that he can sleep-count the-would-be-children so well in bed, the best place for a dream of such content, proves the old persian proverb "shotor dar xaab binad panbe daaneh".

I am with you on this Roja, Hossein's being a mathematician has contributed to your passionate relationship, through his imagination, but you should watch out, that number is quite large.

What did he get for his B-day present? How did this escape my attention?

Happy B-day to you both, and hope to see you soon.