Monday, July 07, 2008

Short Report:

I got my boarding pass and finally passed the security check. I had some time to get a cup of cappuccino.

Cold: I felt the warmth of the cappuccino in my hand and in my throat, both; I wanted to carry that warmth with me into the plane, into the air.

Excited: My pearl earrings dangled and tickled me while I was running to the baggage claim area.

Lost: Not so much in translation than in UC Berkeley. Late for registration, for seeing friends, for everything, not so much for getting lost but in makeup .

There: I got to the 19th International IWSF Conference.

Crunched: the land of Sunrise, Khavaran; the sun reminds me of you; here, from far away, I saw you, like I always do, and I saw the many golden hearts that are buried next to yours. It is 20 years now. And I am counting them, my heart crunched.

Paralyzed: Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. I have a pillow.

Magic: I held a jar of Tameshk jam in my hand, heavier than steel; my body melted under its weight; I thought of your hand and the lively pulse in your eyes; a magician called friend.

Inside out: The IWSF Conference and I, August 2008

Rodin sculptures in Stanford, August 2008

Khavaran, Mothers' of Khavaran, IWSF, August 2008

It Could Be Blue, August 2008


Parinaz said...

I love short reports;
short trips;
short stories;
short relations;
short parties;
short of everything...

I had also a post titled "short story" couple of days ago...
That's what I believed.

Be Happy and happy.

Anonymous said...

Tameshk jounam ,

I love your blog and your writing style. I saw and read carefully "you in kitchen" too. It was delicious :)


Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
I got my visa at last and will be in States in the mid-August.
I should express my thankfulness for all your support so far:)
Hope to see you and Hossein in the near future at Texas!
With all my best wishes,

Mersedeh said...

Roja joon,
I enjoyed your report and your voice as a writer.

That last picture of the pool reminds me of our "missed" pool party!...inshallah dafeyeh bad!

مسعود said...

دو بند ماقبل آخر بسیار پراحساس و نغز بود.شیوه خوبی برای نوشتن انتخاب کردی.
موفق باشی

Tameshk said...

Parinaz Jan
Thanks for your comment: I read your short stories; it is short although you presented a life time in it.

Thanks for your flattering comment. I am sure Tameshk's kitchen is not as delicious as your kitchen ;D

Siavash Jan
Thanks for giving me the great news, I hope to see you soon. Please keep me updated and let me know when you are here. We are moving to Austin at the end of August.

Mersedeh Jan,
I took the photo form the 14th floor of our hotel.

And for the next time I hope I make it to all of the parties I am invited to.

Dearest Massoud
Thanks for your encouraging comment.