Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In New Haven: Abelardo Morell

In New Haven:

Rushing out the door to catch the train to New Haven I forgot to take my toothbrush which I had left to dry after my morning wash up. The worst was I noticed its absence later during the night. But of course, my lovely host helped me out with providing one nice blue toothbrush.

Now I am heading out with Eitan for some New Haven adventures. A week or two ago I visited Behind the Scene: The photographs of Abelardo Morell at Yale University Art Galley and I really enjoyed it. This will be my second visit. I hope Eitan like it as well; Unfortunately we are missing Eyal.

I will write about Abelardo Morell’s exhibition soon: I really enjoyed his Book Photographs. This exhibition will be on view until August 10th, 2008.

Some Updates:

The Tameshk Film Club is also accessible on Facebook: Let me know if you want me to send you an invitation.

Three Dictionaries, by Abelardo Morell, 200

Happy 200th Post !

PS. This is Tameshk's 200th post. Many bloggers celebrate the annual anniversaries of their blogs. As a former Cinema student, however I have been celebrating every hundred posts: in filmmaking when they shoot the 100th shot they have a little party.


jsa said...

How long are you in New Haven? It would be nice to get together sometime.


Golabi said...

good for you Tameshk jaan! and thanks for all the great links.
i also really enjoyed your critical review of the Women's Conference in Iranian.com. i love and respect critical thinking and critical thinkers!

bayramali said...

Dear Tameshk
congratulation for your 200 post
I wish see your 1000 post one day.
any way it is great idea about your film club ,you know that I like to talk about movies.

best wishes

دختر گیسو طلا said...

salam doste nadideam
omidvaram ke ta salha benevisi

مسعود said...

سلام تمشک هنرپرور
برای تابلوی ون گوگ خیلی ممنون ولی جا ماندن مسواک آغاز مناسبی برای یک مطلب هنری نیست.من که تابحال از تو نخوانده بودم چیزک اینطوری!
دویستمین پست هم مبارک باشد
برقرار و بردوام باشی

Tameshk said...

Adam Golabi Joonam,
Thanks, I am glad you read my review I actually wanted to see what you think of it.

Bayramali Joonam
Oh Thanks pal, I really don't write much. And I am looking forward to hear your views on the Film club.

Gissoo Tella Joonam
Thanks, an I hope to read your enjoyable posts for a long time.

Masoud Jan
Thanks ;D