Monday, February 12, 2007

Brooklyn Museum: A Pan's Labyrinth!

Since the Policy changes in Brooklyn Museum I was eager to see how these new policies have affected the museum. The changes include a new curatorial plans and emphasizing on educational programs. These changes caused a massive resignation of the curatorial departments’ board members last fall. This Thursday I got a chance to visit the museum, because of a trip planned for a core course for which I am working as an assistant. This Thursday the museum’s lobby was full of students in small groups, most of them were school kids, ranging from preschool kids to high school students and of course college kids who were in our group.

We visited the Asian and Islamic galleries on the 2nd floor, as it was planed and sadly the information about the three selected pieces that our tour guide gave us was about the same as the printed information next to the pieces. So the point of having a guide was not clear; we were promised a collection expert, but I am sure we would have a better time without the so-called expert. Brooklyn Museum’s new policy had also promised a better educational program, of which I didn’t see any trace. Will the Brooklyn Museum change these non-scholarly new plans in order to keep its over 10-year old visitors? I certainly hope so.

The Movie of the Week:

I saw Pan’s Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno) directed by Guillermo del Toro (2006). It is a violent version of a war drama; a violence which is driving form del Toro’s wild imagination. Although I did not watch the movie eyes-wide-open, I liked the surreal ties between the two worlds, the fantasy world and the real world. The latter is a place that one doesn’t mind to escape from and take refugee in a dream world. Sergio Lopez (Capitan Vidal) and Ivana Baquero (Ofelia) have performed brilliantly. I strongly recommend you to see the Pan’s Labyrinth especially if you are dare enough to keep your eyes wide open throughout the film.

Pan's Labyrinth, 2006

Happy 100th Post!

This is Tameshk's 100th post and as it is a common tradition in film industry in celebrating the 100th shot and as a former cinema student, Tameshk and I will celebrate it by going to bed now; Perhaps tomorrow we will have a cake or something!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the 100th post. I hope to read your 1000th :-) Keep Up the Good Work!

By the way your blog is becoming more and more like a movie-blog; is it intentional?

TAMESHK said...

Dear Anonymous

Thanks, I hope to be able to write that many posts too ;)

Is Tameshk like a movie-blog? I am happy if it is; although it is not intentional.