Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Stolen Picasso

One of the hardest works in teaching is grading papers; At least for grading exams and Q&A type homework the instructor (me) will have an answer sheet. With papers however your personal taste, as the grader, plays a significant role. So I was struggling with this issue since the last week.

If you are interested to know about the Silk Road, and you don’t have time to read about it, take a look at these documentary series: The Silk Road, NHK production in 1980 with Kitaro’s music. It is one of the best movies (or better say the only documentary) ever made about the Silk Road. It took the Japanese team near a decade to research, plan and to shoot this series.

Also Abbas Kiarostami is in NYC. There will be an exhibition of his works (films and digital media) on MOMA from March 1st to 19th called Abbas Kiarostami: Image Maker.

And another art robbery made today’s art news. This time at least two of Picasso’s paintings were stolen from his grandchild’s house in Paris.

Jacqueline's Portrait, Picasso, 1954

Maya & Doll, Picasso, 1938


roshanak said...

salam roja joonam.mer30 ke baram doaa kardi,chandtayi ro ba shak beyne 2 gozine zadam,2 ta az unaro emrooz fahmidam ke ghalat zadam ba inke kheili sade bude, ba in vojud dige hichi nemitunam begam faghat khoda kone sharmande nasham az kasani ke baram doaa kardan :(

roshanak said...

in tablohaye picasso ro ham nadide budam, az sedaye amrika shenidam ke dozdidan cheghadram geroon bude !!!!!!!!