Monday, March 05, 2007

The Devil's Hand!

As we get closer to March 8th (the International Women’s Day), the day that we always celebrate in my family and in recent years every human right activist in Iran regards it highly, yesterday more than two dozens women right activist got arrested in a peaceful gathering in Tehran. These arrests are a sad reminder of last year’s event in Hafte Tir Square, where again authorities arrested a group of human right activists, some still in prison and the others expecting their trial.

Today, when I talked to my mom at 5am Tehran time, she was aware of the incident, which was not yet published in any of the morning newspapers. Her speculation was that they are going to keep them at least for four days, so that they can not join the March 8th Rally in front of the Parliament in Tehran.

Tonight I pray for the safe return of the prisoners and tomorrow I hope to do more!

This is a link to Azadeh Pourzand’s post, an Iranian blogger, about the news. Also Kayhan, one of the most right-wing afternoon newspapers, brings the fear of another filthy trick planned by its chief editor. The plan suggests linking all such oppositions to the US and goes far enough to say that the US government supports the feminism movement in Iran in order to dispatch the Iranian Regime.

Miniature Painting, Reza Abassi,
Ali Qapu Palace, Esfahan, Summer 2006


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I think we need to write and spread the news in English. I completely disagree with all the people who think talking about such matters will destroy the appearance of Iran and increases the chance of a war. On the contrary I think such news is a blow for those who argue that there is no opposition inside the country and a military attack is the only solution.

After all the government's appearance is already destroyed why should we pretend that the Iranian public and the government are on the same side of the equation.

TAMESHK said...

Dear Anonymous

Thanks for your encouraging comment!
I think spreading the facts and news specially about Socio-political arrests is crucial for the safe return of the captives, and yes at least one should not make a fake cover for an ignorant government! (and keeping silent helps them to hide!)