Friday, March 30, 2007

Only, When !

You are my vision,
Dreamlike and yet not
I concurred you in daylight
In sunshine while in night

For thousands of miles
No weeping willow wept
And no stony brook ran
No Persian carpet cleaned
And no Persian tea made

You are my dream
Yet I was

Don’t reason with me
Neither because I am in Love
nor because I am drunk!
Don’t reason with me
You love me back !


roshanak said...

manam hamintor rojaye mehrabunam .boooooooooooooos .baram ax begir befrest

Nazy said...

Poignant and beautiful! You know, Roja Jan, I simply love love! My friends always joke around with me about how when I see two people in love, I get so happy and energized. After all, what is more beautiful than two people in love? It gives me joy and strength and a renewed belief in life when I see that love still happens in this world. My friend, Mandana, tells me that when she was in love with this guy, I was always asking her about her feelings and taking joy in details of how she felt, in a way, more excited than she was when she received her first love memento from her boyfriend, swimming in the joy of that event! I think we must love love, look for it, cherish it, and appreciate the wonderful memories it makes for us. Life is beautiful, and love makes it more exciting, more interesting, and more meaningful. Love like there is no tomorrow my friend! It is the only way to go, if you ask me! Love makes people beautiful and sexy. Love makes people take chances they wouldn't normally take. Love makes the world go round. Enjoy it as you do.

مرجان said...

salam. Man umadam! sher az khodet bud? ba hal bud kheili. dustet daram. dar sale jadid bia dusttar beshim!