Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy March Eighth!

Based on the latest news, three of the captive Women Right Activists are still in the devision 209 of the Evin Prison; the rest of the prisoners have been released with bail.

It is their flawless will, though not their shattered bodies that gives the way to a better tomorrow. Happy March Eighth to all of you, especially to those who make the hardship of this path easy for us behind!

The little girl in a small park next to Zayande River,
Esfahan, Summer 2005

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kasra said...

salam... ma ham shoma ro faramoosh nakardim.... az nazaret ham kheili mamnoonam..... ie doone ham midadi kafi bood (niazi be 12 ta nabood):)
az in ke linkam ro ham dorost kardi mamnoonam... linket ro ham mizaram too weblogam....
felan . khodahafez