Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekday News

Kitchen News:

This Wednesday, I finally had some productive time with my friends, Roya and Sanaz. We got together to make Turshi and Shoor, kind of Pickles. The difference between them and American Pickles is that Turshi has more acidity due to the huge amount of vinegar and Shoor is saltier. I am going to post the recipe in a week, after I tasted the first jar. Though I won’t post it here in Tameshk. It will be in another blog: a Cooking version of Tameshk, which I have been preparing for since October 06 and the first post will be on the first day of the spring.

Art News:

According to Art News, Brooklyn Museum hired three new curators.

Literature/Cinema News:

Here is an exciting news for fans of Jose Saramago, a Portuguese writer and Noble Prize winner: One of his most read books, Blindness, will become a movie in 2008 by Fernando Meirelles who had also brilliantly directed Cidade de Deus (City of God, 2002). Among Saramago’s novels my favorite is All the Names, nonetheless I am eager to see Blindness. you can read about it here and also check the movie link above.

Three jars of Shoor and One Jar of Turshi, March 2007


Nazy said...

What a sweet photograph of a "sour subject!" Looks familiar and nostalgic, though in the household in which I grew up, the time to make Torshi and Shoor was in late summer. The different smells of vinegar, vegetables, herbs, and the tomatoes getting ready in the sun to go into the home-made tomatoe paste all mingled and made me remember them for the rest of my life. I hope they turn out o.k. You will remember that because of its lower acidic content, Shoor does not do very well in warmer temperatures and quickly goes bad, which is why it should be transferred to a refrigerator sometime soon.

Nazy said...

And, please also disclose details about the cooking blog soon! What is it called? Morabaye Tameshk?

Nazy said...

To My Unmet Friend, The Wonderful Roja, The Sweet and Thoughtful Tameshk:

Happy New Year My Friend! This 1385 was a very interesting year in my life. I had come out of a horrible (and I really mean that) year, 1384, and had to get a new life, quickly! It was hard to start it, but I did it. 1385 only got better and better for me, giving me hope that I am starting 1386 on good footing. I found you in 1385, and for that, I am grateful. You talk about your family and your reflections with such sweetness, characteristic of the intelligent young Iranians who have come to be our new generation, our hope for the future of Iran. I wish you and your family a very good New Year. I know you are nostalgic and probably homesick for your family. We all are. I wished you were closer and we could did-o-bazdid and have some good conversations. Barring that, let's do keep in touch and work on this new-found friendship in the coming year. Be good, grow, learn, shine, and sparkle. You make me proud. Nowroozat Mobarak.