Thursday, February 01, 2007

De Niro & Macdonald

I have a headache and my beloved husband has fever. I think my headache is due to the frosty wind of this morning when I went out to the Pilates class at 7:30 am. February has just started and I know it will be a busy month for me. So God Please No Flu !

In the last two weeks we saw The Last King of Scotland (2006) Directed by Kevin Macdonald. We have missed its first release but we finally caught up with it in its comeback. Although the reviews were very good and I should say it was not a bad film at all, but I did not like it. It made my skin hurt and I cannot forget its last sequence.

Also we saw The Good Shepherd (2006) directed by Robert De Niro, which I liked despite its bad reviews. I think its rather slow rhythm is a must for the story. Most people see the story a historic tale of CIA’s birth but I think first it was a movie about the life of a shy, intelligent and ambitious CIA agent, Edward Wilson and then in the layers of his character the viewer could see a story of CIA. I really enjoyed seeing Angelina Jolie’s struggle for playing a different role, a woman who is not being loved by every single male character in the story, pays off and she did a fair job.

O.K. I have to get some sleep now.

The Last King of Scotland, 2006

The Good Shepherd, 2006


Afshin Shafiee said...

What is your opinion about the documentary films, specially the ones which portray a kind of dialogue with Nature?
I mean, for example, "The Cave of the yellow dog", or "The March of The Penguins".

TAMESHK said...
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TAMESHK said...

I like documentaries. In particular I like Nature Documentaries. I also like documentaries like the Fog of War and other ones like Flaherty's films.

I think by some account we can consider Biographical movies and Historical films Documentary, but most of the time they involve fictional narration which makes me wonder what was the real plan for the plot!

What about you? Do you like Fiction or!

Afshin Shafiee said...

No! I don't like fictional movies. I love documentary films (except for the Biographical and Historical ones), because I would like to know how we can understand the meaning of nature and the world we live in. I am searching for new ways of observing and grasping the events, the incidents, the coincidences and ....