Friday, January 26, 2007

New Orleans Revisited: French Market

I took my GRE general early this week: Miraculously my score was better than what I got in my last prep-test on the night before. (According to ETS these types of miracles do not occur. Oops! I am under oath not to talk about the test at all. You see, this is a very serious problem since I didn’t know if I was allowed to tell my scores to my lovely and concerned husband!) After the GRE excuse, I was busy following up on my PhD applications, so finally now my schedule is back to normal and with about two weeks of delay I return to were I had left in New Orleans Tales:

French Market

French Market is a daily bazaar on the bank of Mississippi river in French Quarter in New Orleans. I enjoyed walking among the carts, talking to vendors, and taking some photos. The sellers of the French market mostly carry their own business, so hurricane Katrina among other things, directly affected their earnings. Amazingly, this relatively small bazaar gathers sellers from all around the globe. Among American, Asian and Mexican sellers, I located a Syrian, a seller from Tibet who was reading the Da Vinci Code, and even an Iranian selling ornamental silver and of course, he did not let me took his picture. They sell about everything and mostly they sell what they think may attract tourists: spices, hand made masks for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) carnival, stuffed puppets and dolls, imported goods from Sari to Turkish rugs. To make your walk lovelier in the in the French Market I recommend a refreshing Ice tea from Café du monde.

Here are some of the photos I took at the French Market in a rainy day.

French Market, New Orleans, 2007

French Market, New Orleans, 2007

Salt & Pepper Shaker, French Market, New Orleans, 2007

French Market, New Orleans, 2007

Handmade dolls, French Market, New Orleans, 2007

A merchant from Tibet,
was reading Da Vinci Code before I distracted him,
French Market, New Orleans, 2007

A Small Buddha Shop, French Market, New Orleans, 2007

French Market, New Orleans, 2007

My favorite Corner House
in the streets of French Quarter, New Orleans, 2007

To be continued …

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تمشک عزیزم...سلام...من تا حالا جای زیادی نبودم...مطمئنم تو خیلی جاها رو دیدی...خوش به حالت...موفق باشی...عکسها قشنگن...مخصوصآ اونی که کله بودا میفروشه!
فعلآ بای بای
سهم من اینست