Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chamomile : A Rule-Breaker !

We were out of milk so I went out to do some grocery shopping. My principles in grocery shopping sums up in 1- going straight to the needed items and do not wasting any time wondering around. 2- do not even think of buying Saffron from any place in the world except Iran. 3- never buy tea from an American supermarket (call it my Persian Tea Pride)

Today, while finding my way toward the dairy products section in Wegmans, I broke my third rule. I was passing trough the Coffee/Tea isle, using it as a shortcut, when a box of Chamomile Herbal Tea got my eye, reminding me of a conversation I had 3 weeks ago with my dear friend about Babune (Chamomile) and its calming effects. So I, desperate for a little bit of peace, got my first box of organic Chamomile. Then that delicious moment came; a sweet taste that fills the whole body when a rule is about to break, even if it is my own rule; it is great when it is broken. And then I just wanted to repeat that sweetness; so I got myself some more tea: a box of Salada White Tea and a box of Mango Ceylon Tea.

Right now, I am having my first cup of Chamomile and it feels like apple. Here on the box it says that it is a Calmative and Digestive aid, So! ?

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H. said...

So I suppose we can wait for you to get Spanish Saffron next!