Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Musical Ending!

Our vacation will be over soon; Payam* has already left and Leva and Vahid are leaving the East Coast to get back to the golden state tomorrow.** Besides our frequent visits to the New York City, we went to Washington DC and Philadelphia. In our city tours while trying to stick mostly to arts, we often ate the street food, which suited both our pocket and taste.

We spent the evening in Broadway last night; we saw the Phantom of the Opera. It filled our eyes and ears with its glorious set and music. The Phantom of the Opera in Majestic Theater is in its seventeenth year. I read Susan Kay’s novel, Phantom (1990 - translated to Farsi by Maliheh Mohammadi in 1998). Kay’s novel is based on Gaston Leroux novel of 1910. I should say that I like Kay's novel more than Gaston Leroux’s book. In Kay’s Phantom we follow Erik’s life in memories of different characters and we go as back as his birth. I like this collective style in which a specific event, Erik’s life here, is told from various points of view. But this was not the narrative style in last night’s musical; The Phantom of the Opera was based on the straight style of Gaston Leroux, starting in the Opera House enchanted by the ghost and ending by the phantom's disappearance.

Speaking of Broadway musicals in April I went to see another Tony Award-winning musical, Spring Awakening. A sophisticated rock musical, Spring Awakening, is composed by Ducan Sheik and written by Steven Sater. The story is based on Frank Wedekind’s play about a group of teenagers and their attempt in breaking the limits of their sexual freedom.

The 1925 poster for The Phantom of The Opera

* I wish Payam had stayed for a couple of more days, so we could see the Phantom together.
** I've already started missing them!


mehdi chalak said...

hi roja joon
i couldent think that some times find you in web as tameshk.but any way i find tameshk or roja and may be both of them.nice to see your blog and i will come around to see you more.take care
mehdi chalak

آدم گلابی said...

mmmm! it's great that you watched The phantom ... in Broadway, what makes it even better is that you got to watch it with some like minded friends. i fell in love with the 1925 poster of the musical!

Tameshk said...

Mehdi Jan
Oh my God: I am so happy you left a comment here on Tameshk ;D ٌWhere are you now? How is everything? You can email me at
مهدی جون
سلام:خیلی خوشحال ام که اینجا برام نوشتی. خوبی؟ بچه های تلویزیون چطورند؟ از بچه های ما خبر داری؟ من با چندتایی شون در تماس ام؟ به خانم گل ات سلام من رو برسون
من ایمل ام رو برات گذاشتم اگر خواستی ایمل بزن.
تا زود زود

Dearest Adam Goolabi
I love this poster too! The changes in graphic design is very interesting: I really enjoy detecting these changes in posters, especially if you look at the same show over the years!

Also: we are going to be around the big apple until August, so If you are planing to visit New York please consider staying with us.

Bayramali said...

My Dearest Roja
I had one of my best and unforgettable travels in my life
you guys are great . I appreciate for everything
any way I am jealous . watching a play in Broadway is a chance that happens rarely in life. and I lost this chance
BYTW thank you for every thing

Nava said...

Dear Tameshk,
I should confess that I envy you. (Have you noticed that "good for you" never has the same meaning of our envious "Khoshshshs be haletoon"?!!)
Anyways, khosh be haletoon! Watching a musical on Broadway, is one of my dreams...
My all the dreams come true! (Now I sound like grannies!)
Cheers :)

آدم گلابی said...

i know! poster tell a world about history and changes in culture.
thanks so much for your kind invitation we'd love to see the Big Apple but i dont think its going to be easy with Bardia. we hope as he grows up we continue our trips to around the world but why dont you folks come here? its beautiful i promise. the natural beauty is stunning n Bardia loves meeting new people!
much love

Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
I hope you're fine.
A strange request:
Would you please write in larger fonts!;)

Tameshk said...

Bayram Joonam
We've really missed you for the musical. I hope you visit us soon in Austin.

Dearest Nava
Since we decided to move to Austin we frantically visit New York, so don't envy us. I hope you can get to see a (or more) Broadway musical(s) soon; Although personally I do not like the medium; I mean I like Theater Plays better than Musicals. If you can get to NYC before August, I happily take you to some classic musicals like the Phantom.

Siavash Jan
Sure: I had tried it before for some reason when I make the font larger the Images become funny.

Tameshk said...

Adam Goolabi Joonam
We have a very children friendly house, so pleas don't hesitate if you want to come. Please send my regards to Bardia.