Sunday, May 18, 2008

Movie Buzz!

Movie Reviews (Part-1):

You have probably noticed by now that I have many posts on films and cinema in general. I always wanted to make them more organized. For the start I decided to give two posts each month specifically to movie reviews; one of the posts will be short reviews of Newly Released films and the other one will be a review of older films that I regularly see on DVD. This is also a start point for Tameshk's interactive Film Club. (Let me know if you like to join!)

Recently Released:

Iron Man (2008): A Must See movie directed by Jon Favreau, who among other films also directed Elf in 2003. This action supper hero adventure is not like other super-heroic characters out of comic books; Unlike many other super heroes Iron Man does not get its power from a mysterious source or from a science experiment-going-wrong, Iron Man consciously built its super heroic power. It is an Iron shield that enables him to fly by using a small reactor. Iron Man is the supper hero of engineers; he is a genius inventor whose lifetime achievement was producing elaborate and efficient arms and weapons; But not any more. The plot is very well written (more than 7 people worked on the screenplay and the development of characters) and the movie ends beautifully. Every single shot of this 126 min film is worth it. and who doesn't love Robert Downey as Tony Stark & Iron Man. I hope you get to see it on the big screen. My vote is A for Iron Man.

The Counterfeiters (Die Fälscher, 2007) directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky is the story of the largest counterfeiting plot in history that was set up by Nazis in the late 30’s. The Counterfeiters portrays the inside story of a group of prisoners (professionals and criminals) who are forced to produce fake foreign currency under the program Operation Berhard by Nazi regime. Karl Markovics’ brilliant performance as Salomon Sorowitsch (Sally) has such a grip on the viewer that he or she doesn’t need to know German to understand his character. Unlike many other World War II films The Counterfeiters is more than anything is the story of survival rather than resistance: survival of the fellow prisoners survival of self and survival of the Nazi regime. Yet at the end one easily comes to agreement with Sally, that under any dictatorship surviving is the most powerful resistance. Don’t let the foreign language scare you; it is very easy to follow the English subtitle. My vote is A- for The Counterfeiters.

The Bank Job (2008) is not actually this month’s movie but I have seen it recently. A crime-thriller directed by Roger Donaldson who also directed Cocktail (1988) and The World's Fastest Indian (2005), Bank Job is based on the true story of Baker Street bank robbery in 1971. One of the biggest bank robberies in Great Britain which was never solved or better say never told for over 30 years, only to cover a robbery ordered by government. It is well directed and despite its straight story Bank Job remains exciting throughout the film: a bank robbery plot that has a complex conclusion for its engaging criminals. It is an entertaining B+ film. For me the only thing that is bothersome is the ending sequence and David Suchet’s (Lew Vogel) physical struggle with Jason Statham (Terry leather). (David Suchet played Detective Hercule Poirot in my favorite Agatha Christie series)

Baby Mama (2008) directed by Michael McCullers is a disaster. I don’t want to be hard on a first time director but no matter how much I try, the nicest way to say it is that Baby Mama is a terrible comedy with a bad story. The movie is a proof that a bunch of great and funny SNL actresses cannot save a movie that has a terrible story. The movie tries to touch on the life of a single successful businesswoman and the issues regarding surrogacy and it fails heavily. I am really glad that they had Romany Malco (Oscarr) there otherwise my face even wouldn’t have that one smile during the film. My vote is C- for Baby Mama.

Forgetting Sara Marshall (2008) directed by Nicholas Stoller is a very funny romantic comedy. The movie is a success especially since it is Stoller's first directing experience. Walking on the tin edge of relationship, sex and betrayal Forgetting Sara Marshall easily escapes from being cheesy. The movie benefits form the strong performances by Kristen Bell and Jason Segel. I am definitely looking forward to Stoller’s second film: Get Him To Greek. My vote is B+ for Forgetting Sara Marshall.

I very much want to see The Visitor (2008) directed by Tom McCarthy. I hope to find some time soon. And the film that I am not going to see on the big screen is Sex & The City (2008); I think it is only wiser to get it from Netflix; I don't mind at all to wait for it.

Robert Downey, Iron Man 2008


Behi said...

Tameshk joonam,
I very much enjoy watching good movies, sometimes I get too see some by accident as I don't have always access to a fine resource and if so, I may recognize and catch the good ones randomly or through somebody else's recommendation.I don't mind if the movie produced long time ago or has just been resealed. Especially for the European movies I think my knowledge is terribly poor after all. So, I follow your reviews religiously to see what I can put in my must-see-movies basket and by the way Could you tell me what is the reason behind your decision on seeing sex and the city movie?

Mersedeh said...

Hello darling,
Sign me up for the movie-club, especially as long as you don't mind my frequent requests for review of either super old movies or just ones that I am personally obsessed with, such as the new Lebanese film "CARAMEL". My vote is A++, but I am terribly partial! ;) [I would also love to see you explore Almodovar!...]

bayramali said...

Dear Tamashk
Nice Analise, I like them ,The only movie that I have seen in this list is Iron man , as you wrote . It is a professional one . perfect scenario , marvelous Photography , music and.... , it is easily called a perfect professional- commercial movie . the only thing that I didn't like in it was white people and black people . American as usual were hero even with considering the hero of story was a maker of weapon and other side were bad men and black that these day normally are Muslims and middle easterners

Nava said...

Dear Tameshk,
Thanks for the reviews. You are a junior professional, really! Sign me up for the club please, although I tend to get very picky on the movies, but still watching movies is one of my all time favorite hubbies.
Looking forward to reading more reviews from you soon.

آدم گلابی said...

i just loved the idea of writing down the reviews. I have seen only two of the movies, hopefully i will manage to see the rest sometime soon. AND you are really up-to-date. i am still renting movies from my must-watch list that were made in 2000.
like always, thanx for sharing

jeerjeerak said...

i like your movie reviews Tameshk joonam. I would have gone to Iron Man last weekend, if i had read your review before.

احسان said...

Sarah Marshal is a simple yet very funny movie.

Thanks for the wishes regarding my new job Tameshk jan. Tell Hossein I said hi.

Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam
I am glad to hear that these brief reviews are of any help to you! Sorry for my late response, I said I am not seeing The Sex & The City on the big screen; it does not look very promising and to me it is a big cry for attention and MONEY of course. I saw the TV series of course and that's why I may get it on DVD later on.

Mersedeh Joonam
I very much welcome your review requests and suggestions. i want to see Caramel, and we will definitly talk about it later, and Almodovar is a very good suggestion and I need your expertise there ;D

Bayramali Joonam,
You are right: like any other superhero story Iron Man has the black and white sort of characterizations: but it does not bother me much?!

Nava Joon
Thanks for joining, I am looking forward to your selective taste in movies.

Adam Golabi Joonam,
Being up-to-date doesn't mean much! So let us have your views on the films you watch and it will be more progressive for the club.

Jeerjeerak joonam,
I hope you get to see Iron Man on the big screen ;D and please let me know about the Pear Cake!

Ehsan Jan
I like Forgetting Sara Marshall too, it was a well done film.
And I Hope you guys enjoy your trip!