Thursday, May 08, 2008

More On Design & The Elastic Mind

Charlie Rose Program on Design and the Elastic Mind @ MOMA:

This is a postscript* entry for the second part of my previous post, where I wrote about MOMA's exhibition, Design and the Elastic Mind. You will find this interview helpful if you are looking for a shortcut to understand how new developments in science and digital technology has affected the modern design and transformed today's art world. This interview is very important, so I decided to put it here as a separate post:

* PS. Charlie Rose & Design and the Elastic Mind, is an interview with Paola Antonelli, the senior curator at the Department of Architecture and Design at MOMA . This is a great interview, not only because it is one of Charlie Rose's interviews but also because it will give you the heads up in understanding the main idea behind technological based art exhibitions such as Design and the Elastic Mind. I just watched it today (May 8th 2008) on channel Thirteen.

Design and the Elastic Minde,
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Leva said...

Since I dont have any artistic talent to live you comment related to your post, I would say " why you ping your site towice today? " do you think your fans are bikar?

leva said...

oh god, i mean leave!! please correct it if you can :0

love and kiss.

Tameshk said...

Leva joonam
I don't know what happened; perhaps because once I updated the previous post and then decided to give a separate post to Charlie Rose interview ;D I have had worse typos than that!

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

سلام تمشك عزيز
چه جالب ! من يه مدتي كه راجع به معماري دارم مطالعه مي كنم و خيلي مبحث جالبي بوده برام.
مخصوصا يه مقاله اي خوندم راجع به معماري پسا مدرن كه خيلي متفاوت و تامل برانگيز بود . اين سايتي كه معرفي كردي هم جالب بود . به من كه خيلي ايده داد. موفق باشي و من منتظر پست هاي مرتبط بعدي هستم

آدم گلابی said...

Tameshk jan,
what interesting links. i was actually watching it right now. i am no expert in the topic but it fascinates me, i am actually taking a course on architecture and design and its impact on communities social enhancement next term.
you share great stuff with your readers!

sahme-man-in-ast said...

salam tameshke khubam. Merci az eshghet. Merci az inke be yadam hasti. Fasele ahamiyati nadare vaghti ghalbha be ham nazdikan. doostet daram. shaad bashi

Tameshk said...

Dearest Banoo
I am glad you find the links useful, I like to know bout the article you read on Post Modern Architecture.

Adam Golabi Joonam
Thanks for your comment! I actually like PBS very much. I am practically addicted to PBS and NPR (national public radio) and your course seems interesting. I cannot wait for you to write about it on your blog.

Sahm-e Man Joon
Thanks and your very welcome!