Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Metropolis In View

I have my friends over here from the West Coast and their company is an excuse for me to re-explore the big apple. Today we started from the Statue of Liberty and we ended up on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we visited Koons’ exhibition, Jeff Koons On The Roof. I also quickly went through the special exhibition on the first floor of the MET, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. I will write more about these two exhibitions.

I will put an experimental plan for Tameshk’s interactive film club here soon, but in the meantime check out these two: one is Death in Gaza (2004) an upsettingly potent documentary by James Miller and Saira Shah about the lives of children in the Gaza Strip which ends up with the death of the director, James Miller. And the other is Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) a mystery-thriller directed by Otto Preminger; he is a genius. I loved the movie. Apparently there is going to be a reproduction of Bunny Lake Is Missing (2009) by Joe Carnahan. But don't miss the Preminger film.

Also my two page article, Qajar Paintings: Royal Portraits, was published in Peyk newsletter, May & June 2008 (English section). Bahar Sarkash's article, Islamic Art?, was also published in the same issue. These articles and many more are now available on the English section of Peyk 115 here as pdf.

And last but not least: This week is Shirzanan's first year anniversary. It is an online weakly magazine and the first that exclusively covers women’s sports in Iran. I help with their English page (since September 2007). Read more about Shirzanan here on Wikipedia. Happy Birthday Shirzanan!

The Metropolis in view, Self Portrait on Met's Roof, New York, May 2008
Balloon Dog(detail), Jeff Koons, 1994-2000


Behi said...

I cannot open the peyk 115 on the pdf file that you linked here Roja joonam.I'm not sure if it's just my problem?

Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam
Thanks for letting me know, I changed it now. I hope it works! I always check my links to see if they are working and this one worked before but right now I had a problem opening the link as well.

Behi said...

Tameshk joon, I just finished reading your article. That was absolutely interesting!

jeerjeerak said...

Hope you guys had tons of fun:)

Mersedeh said...

Lady liberty is seen as the ultimate symbol of the US by so many but I can not help but look at her and see a totally French woman standing in New York. I think the message that she has brought with her and guarded so carefully over the years has done this country tremendous good, but it still remains somehow "foreign" and something is simply lost in its translation from the original French...!

Tameshk said...

JeerJeerak Joonam
I had lots of fun I hope they had fun too ;D and I wish you were here with us.

Dearest Mersedeh
I see her as part of the New York city; Perhaps it looks like a stranger compare to the rest of the nation, but not to the New York City with its diversity she is well at home.

Anonymous said...

When the "Jeff's Koon On the Roof" exhibition opens up, be sure to let me know!