Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Art & Satire in Iran

On Sunday I visited Ardeshir Mohasses: Art and Satire in Iran Exhibition in Asia Society Museum. Ardeshir Mohassess is an Iranian illustrator (born in1938) who was active from 1951. This is the artist’s first retrospective in the United States focusing on his works during 1976 – 2000. Shirin Neshat and Nikzad Nodjoumi are the curators for the exhibition; it is on view until August 3rd. Putting aside my personal motivations (and that I am writing a piece for July/August issue of Peyk Newsletter), it is an exhibition well worth visiting.


Siavash said...

Was he, himself, there at exhibition?
I have heard he's terribly ill, unfortunately.
And I am going to decline UCONN's Art History master's offer with 17000$ per year(TA and Gallery Assistance) for Texas Tech's Ceramics program with lower funding, do you think I am making a big mistake?!
However, I have talked to the graduate adviser at TTU to let me take some credits from their Doctoral Fine Arts program and their response is positive so far. I don't know why, but I feel I can make a bigger move after TTU, yet depends on the effort I put into during the next 3 years.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Siavash
I am sure it is a good decision, especially since they gave you an informal positive response for your PhD studies. I am Somehow glad you are coming to Texas, we will be in Austin Texas next year.

By the way don't think I have forgotten your second email;I haven't heard anything from those people yet.

Congratulations and please keep in touch.

About Ardeshir Mohassess, yes he has Parkinson's disease for some years now and he was not there the days I visited the exhibition.

Siavash said...

Dear Roja,
I was sure you had an eye on a response to my email; No doubt you're extremely attentive and caring;)
Sorry to put you in trouble!
And thanks for the encouragement; I will try to get into UT Austin in case I may choose to go for a PhD, or at least I will pay a visit, though I will be far away from Austin. Richard Shiff at UT Austin is big time great professor! I have so much enjoyed his writings.
The only thing which makes me suspicious on my decision is the passion for seeing NYC and studying at NYU institute of Fine Art and Columbia University's department of Art History!!!
Weird desires!
I have the visa Interview in 3 weeks from now at Nicosia.
I will keep you updated on my status.
Thank you again.