Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eureka, Eureka, Σμέουρο* !

Eureka, Eureka! Finally Some real Tameshk: These wild berries (or wild raspberry) are what we call Tameshk back home. I found them in California, in a route along the coast. It was a colorful start for autumn.

Yesterday after a poetic meeting - no really it was a Persian poetry reading class**- I have updated Tameshk In Kitchen. So far, my Blogrolling has some problem pinging it; so consider yourself pinged. I should go now, I am about to read an article by David Little called Collectivity and New York Alternative Spaces: the title tickles me!

Tameshk (wild berry), California, Autumn 2007

* Σμέουρο means raspberry in Greek.

** Persian Reading is a class at Princeton IAS: we will read Bostan by Saadi, but the main focus of the class will be on Masnavi by Molana (Rumi). The readings will be under Dr. Ja'fari's supervision.


Nazy said...

Dear Tameshk: That is a sweet picture. Maybe the message for you is that "only those in California know and appreciate what Tameshk is?!" So, come and live here! I will go check out Tameshk in Kitchen for sure.

I found the owner of the yellow suede jacket (it was Ehsan's). Your name was mentioned on my blog today (the "Mastan Salamat Mikonand" post). Come and visit and please leave a poem on that post, as I'm inviting all to participate in the uplifting exercise of sharing poetry, regardless of language, style, and poet. I miss you.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joo

California has far better than Tameshk bushes for me to use as an excuse to come and live there; For one thing I will be close to Nazy Joonam for a routine intellectual chat over lunch.

And oh! I love "uplifting exercises" I am on it.